David Beckham now owns a car company

By topgear, 06 June 2021

Scoring from the half way line. That fateful red card against Argentina after booting Diego Simeone. A curling last-gasp free-kick against Greece. Marrying a Spice Girl. That sarong. Over the years there have been many, many memorable David Beckham moments. But here’s one for us petrolheads: old Golden Balls has whacked out his cheque book and splashed out on a 10 per cent stake in luxo electric start-up Lunaz. 

You know them, right? The firm who have been ruffling feathers in the classic car scene for a few years now with their meticulous conversions and restorations. They make some mega ‘leccy stuff, from Sixties Rolls-Royce Phantom Vs and Silver Clouds to Jaguar XK120s and the Top Gear Electric Award-winning fully electric 1961 Bentley Continental S2 Flying Spur.

The latest addition to the range is an electric MkI Range Rover. But if blank cheques are more your thing, then Lunaz is always happy to discuss something entirely bespoke. And it’s not limited to British brands either… nothing’s off the table.

And now Becks has joined as an investor, snagging a 10 per cent stake in the firm to help it get to the next level. He’s not the only one, as other monied folk have also rummaged behind the back of the sofa including Daily Telegraph owners, the Barclay family, the property billionaire Reuben brothers and Alexander Dellal.

Because now Lunaz wants to use its electric nous to expand its production and go into commercial vehicles and plans to clean up in more ways than one. See, not only will these heavy-duty vehicles run on electricity, but they’re also starting with a bin lorry.

“Lunaz represents the very best of British ingenuity in both technology and design,” Beckham said. “I was drawn to the company through their work restoring some of the most beautiful classic cars through upcycling and electrification.

“[Company founder] David Lorenz and his team of world-class engineers are building something very special and I look forward to being part of their growth.” 

We just hope we’ll see Becks as a Binny McBinface EV bin lorry development driver. But Lunaz is also dividing its company up a bit under a new banner, Lunaz Group. The Silverstone firm will now operate through three sub-brands.

‘Lunaz Design’ will be the Lunaz we currently know, reviving, re-engineering and converting gorgeous classics to run from a three-pin plug and battery-electric powertrains.

Then there’s ‘Lunaz Applied Technologies’ that will upcycle and re-engineer specialist industrial fleet vehicles and converts them to electric powertrain (Becks’ bin lorry).

The final slice of the Lunaz pie is ‘Lunaz Powertrain’, that will provide modular electric powertrains for other carmakers, suppliers and independent automotive engineering businesses, a bit like Rimac does for other large OEMs.

So it looks like Lunaz is here to stay and with some celebrity endorsement. Back of the net!

STORY Rowan Horncastle

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