ErreErre Fuoriserie "Mitsuoka-ed" the Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio!

By topgearsingapore, 19 July 2022

ErreErre Fuoriserie "Mitsuoka-ed" the Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio!

“Italy has always been the undisputed protagonist in the world of manufacturing limited edition cars dedicated to the most demanding customers,” says Turin-based firm ErreErre Fuoriserie rather confidently.

“Over the years, the great masters of Italian style have been able to best interpret the style of major brands, leaving an indelible trace of cars that are recognised as works of art.”

This much is certainly true, although we’re unsure whether ErreErre Fuoriserie’s creation will find a place in this particular gallery.

What you’re looking at above is the company’s tribute to the original Alfa Romeo Giulia as it celebrates its 60th birthday in 2022. Based on the modern-day Giulia Quadrifoglio, it swaps out the swoopy lines of arguably the best-looking super saloon on-sale today and replaces them with retro straight lines and a full carbon fibre body. From some angles we’re completely sold on the boxy new look, from others it's far more challenging. We’ll let you make your own minds up.

TEXT Greg Potts

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