Even more hardcore Version Speciale of the Ferrari 812 Superfast is announced... Viva V12!

By topgearsingapore, 21 April 2021

What you see are the first official pictures of Ferrari's long-awaited 'special version' to its loud and lairy front-engined 812 Superfast. The official world premiere, along with the model's actual name, will only be revealed on May 5 at 1430hrs CEST across all the brand’s social media channels, along with the full gamut of specifications and photos. 

It's cut from the same cloth as the stupendous F12tdf, so you'll appreciate that the drive will be suitably visceral, raw, hardcore and all the other familiar superlatives typically used on such special Ferraris.

It'll feature version 7.0 of the brand’s excellent Side Slip Control vehicle dynamics system, and you'll definitely need all the help you can get considering its glorious naturally-aspirated V12 has been tuned to 830hp, all of which is delivered to devastating effect via the rear wheels.

Apart from the use of state-of-the-art materials, many of the key components have been redesigned, which includes a new valve timing mechanism and exhaust system. 

Best of all, the engine will rev happily to a spine-tingling 9500rpm - with this sort of a soundtrack, you won't even have to bother about specc'ing an in-car hifi system. 

With all the aggro aero for maximum downforce, this limited edition special version of the 812 Superfast looks meaner than the 'regular' car, and most noticeably sports a single-piece aluminium structure with vortex generators in place of the glass rear screen.

As with all of Ferrari's coveted limited edition special models, if you're wondering how many, how much or how soon, you're probably too late already...

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