Ford is asking gamers to design a virtual racing car

By topgear, 11 March 2020

In the olden days, car design was generally reserved for those who wore roll-neck jumpers and carried a pencil behind their ear. Now though, Ford is bringing it to the masses by allowing gamers to design a bespoke, virtual racing car. 

You might remember that last year, Ford announced it was launching an esports team known as Fordzilla. Well, that seems to have been a bit of a success, and now the team needs a halo car – something that can only exist in the virtual world.

Rather than the design team just knocking one up during a lunch break, though, Ford is tasking the captains of its French, German, Italian, Spanish and British national Fordzilla teams to contribute. The whole process will be known as the Team Fordzilla P1 project.

And that’s not all, because ‘key design decisions’ will also be opened up to us folk in the form of Twitter polls. Apparently, we’ll all get a say in design aspects ranging from the engine to the cockpit shape.

Well then, who else is excited to see the new Fordy McFordface?

STORY Greg Potts

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