Ford's electric Mustang SUV is called the Mach-E

By topgear, 16 November 2019

Muscle car purists, look away now. Ford’s electric Mustang SUV is a thing, it’s happening soon, and it has a name: Mach-E.

We’ve known it’s been happening for a while – we even saw a sketch of it last year.

“It’s exciting to know that my stint leading development of the next-generation Mustang actually comes full circle as we get ready to launch our electric Mustang-inspired utility,” said Ford’s EV boss, Darren Palmer, back then. “I, for one, can’t wait to have one — side-by-side — with my Shelby GT350R.”

Well, we’ll see it in the flesh next week – November 18 – and there’ll be an online live stream of the whole thing, because future. That’s quite a key fact, though, because as soon as that stream ends, it’ll be available to order online and Ford’s expecting something of a fist fight for the First Edition model, which we expect to be a bells ‘n’ whistles special with the biggest, fanciest alloys.

Reckon there’ll be a rush to order them, a la original, Sixties ‘Stang? Or is a simultaneous venture into the worlds of electric cars and SUVs too much at once for Ford’s icon?

STORY Stephen Dobie

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