Great Scott! This is a twin-turbo widebody DeLorean DMC-12

By topgear, 21 November 2021

Yes, we’re telling you somebody built a widebody twin-turbo V8 sportscar… out of a DeLorean. Welcome to Salvage to Savage’s extraordinary SEMA show car, and the future we were promised back in 1985.

S2S’s lead fabricator Tim Moceri spearheaded this build, taking a wrecked DMC and stripping it right back down to its barest shell. From there, many things were done to it. Many fine, good things.

For starters, the DMC’s V6 was binned in favour of a 5.3-litre LS3 V8 with a pair of turbochargers strapped to its flanks, the aim being something close to 1,000hp.

Insert your own ‘88mph’ jokes here. It’s hooked up to a gearbox from the 996-generation Porsche 911 for good measure.

The whole drivetrain is nestled quite snugly in the back – so snugly in fact, the turbos hang out underneath the car.

One suspects the modified DeLorean won’t be introduced to any speed humps at any point in its life.

It gets fully soundproofed – the DeLorean was famously tinny – along with brand new bespoke wiring, while externally that body was designed by expert renderer Khyzyl Saleem (who designed that one-off Polestar 1 concept you really wanted).

The flared arches were made from fibreglass using MDF foam moulds, necessary for the wide, three-piece wheels for proper stance.

What else, what else. There’s a Ferrari F40-inspired rear deck lid, amazing front and rear lights, and a fully upgraded interior replete with sports seats, much aluminium detailing and a good retrim.

Tim’s goal was to take the DeLorean’s 80s styling “and turn it up a notch”. Job done, we’d say.

STORY Vijay Pattni
 Khyzyl Saleem

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