Has Prior Design already "fixed" the BMW M4’s face?

By topgear, 27 October 2020

Just last week, we asked whether it was possible to improve the face of the new G80 and G82 BMW M3 and M4 simply by selecting the right spec in the newly available configurator. The answer from you lot was a resounding no, but luckily Prior Design is here to help.

Yep, the German tuner has already released a video on YouTube with a bunch of renders that could fix the problem – and it’d be hard to argue against any of them compared to what BMW’s designers came up with. Refresh your memory of that by clicking these blue words. 

In the video, Prior Design boss Andreas Belzek talks through the different looks (all of which you can see above) and picks out his favourites. There’s M8-inspiration and widebody kits in there too, but all look like they would retain the standard headlights and bonnet. The simpler the better, we reckon.

It’s unclear whether Prior is planning to put any of these into production just yet, but if we all ask very nicely, we might just be able to make it happen. What say you, Internet?

STORY Greg Potts

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