Here’s your first look at Lambo’s mad, 830+hp track-only ‘SCV12’

By topgear, 24 June 2020

‘Aerodynamic supercharging’ is the key, friends. It’s the key that unlocks over 830hp from this, the upcoming Lamborghini SCV12; a track-only hypercar packed full of the most powerful V12 ever built by Lamborghini hands.

We’ve known it’s been coming for a while now, but today is our first proper look at the shape of the SCV12, and today is also the day we discover it boasts more downforce than a GT3 car.

So, about that supercharging. Because this car’s been designed by Squadra Corse – Lambo’s racing unit – it gets lots of trick aero and race-car appendages. That front bonnet has a double air intake and a central ‘rib’, said to direct more air towards the roof-mounted air scoop.

This means ‘dynamic air pressure created by the car’s movement’ increases the static air pressure flowing through the scoop and straight into the V12’s intake, which of course results in more airflow, which of course results in more power. Unholy, entirely wonderful V12 power.

The V12 (likely a version of the Aventador’s 6.5-litre) is matched to a six-speed sequential gearbox – mounted as a structural element within the new, full carbonfibre Squadra Corse chassis – sending those 830+ horses to the rear wheels, and rear wheels alone. There’s pushrod suspension, and a set of special Pirelli slicks riding on 19in front wheels, and 20in rears.

Elsewhere, the car features a bespoke front splitter, lateral flicks and vertical fins on the side sills, and of course a jumbo carbonfibre rear wing. So, basically it features peak Lamborghini.

It’ll be built at Lambo’s Squadra Corse facility as a limited edition, though how limited – and at what cost – we’re not yet sure. We do know that five-time Le Mans 24hrs winner Emanuele Pirro will tutor owners at “some of the world’s most prestigious circuits” to better squeeze every last bit of helmsmithery from the SCV12.

And yeah, it sounds brilliant. Have a listen to it in the video above. It’ll be fully revealed later this summer.

STORY Vijay Pattni

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