Japan's getting its own special edition Bentley Continental GT V8 'Equinox'

By topgear, 17 April 2021

Japan is getting its own special edition Bentley, and this is it. It’s the Continental GT V8 Equinox Edition, and its big boasts aren’t from the usual area of its spec sheet. Sure, a 550hp 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 provides ample service beneath the skin. But it’s the skin itself we’re meant to get excited about.

Your paint choices are white or black, but it’s the carbon exterior pack – fitted to the Equinox as standard – that’s worth turning your attention to.

Look closely at the lower edge of the sills and bumpers, where the carbon is fitted. See that silver (sorry, Moonbeam) painted edge? It takes five days - per car - to apply that by hand. Good job Bentley’s only making ten of these Equinox specials, then.

And if you’re worried it’s glitz only those outside the car will enjoy, then there’s silver contrast inside too, via 4,500 stitches in the same silver hue across the seats and door trim. Yowzers.

Otherwise, it’s as you were; the sportier V8 trim of Conti GT, offering 0-100km/h in 4.0secs, a 318km/h top speed and a nicely dynamic AWD setup. Though why you’d want to disrupt the tranquil cherry-blossomed scene above by actually putting any of that into practice, we can’t think. Stay awhile and ogle the painstakingly painted carbon…

STORY Stephen Dobie

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