Lewis Hamilton goes Tokyo Drifting in a Skyline GT-R

By jaytee, 25 November 2022

Lewis Hamilton goes Tokyo Drifting in a Skyline GT-R

Given the high-intensity and high-pressure environment of Formula 1, it’s no wonder that F1 drivers have varying hobbies to blow some steam off. Golfing, disc jockeying, sim racing, and for Valtteri Bottas, enjoying nature in the buff.

But in Sir Lewis Hamilton’s case, it involves hooning around Tokyo in a Nissan Skyline (Click to check the clip out, if you haven't already).

In an Instagram post earlier this week, the 7-time WDC winner took to the streets of Japan behind the wheel of a Skyline GT-R R34 as he passes through the Shuto expressway and performs donuts in an undisclosed location.

In the minute-long clip, the famed Mercedes driver could be seen smoking up the rear tyres (and quite possibly the clutch), laughing and seemingly enjoying himself more in the R34 than in his Mercedes W13 this season.

This is a night activity that we can fully get behind. Perhaps one that should be included in all Tokyo vacation plans. Though, individual results may vary. But wouldn’t you just love to live out your Maximum Tune/Need For Speed dreams barrelling down the Wangan highway in a Skyline with the Tokyo Skyline in the back?

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