Listen to Hans Zimmer’s score for BMW's M Next accelerating

By topgear, 29 November 2019

Well, that’s certainly one way of adding drama to the drudgery of the M25. Hans Zimmer, the now legendary composer behind things like The Dark Knight, Blue Planet II and Inception, has collaborated with BMW’s sound designer Renzo Vitale on a very special musical ‘score’.

That would be the score to BMW’s upcoming Vision M Next fully-electric supercar. And you can listen to what that electric M supercar sounds like under acceleration, right here, right now.

That’s… that’s pretty bloody amazing. BMW freely admits – as we’ve been banging on about for quite a while – that “as the range of electrified models increases, a gap in the emotionality of the driving experience arises for the driver”. In short: no raspy straight-six or deeply satisfying V8, no fun.

Thus, BMW enlisted the help of a man who has created atmospheric aural terror up on the big screen, to make EVs sound… pretty bloody amazing. “Over the years, the sound of our vehicles has enthused and accompanied millions of people,” says BMW. Damn right about that.

“Thereby we can charge future emotions of our customers worldwide anew and redefine sheer driving pleasure.”

This is just the first BMW electric car Mr Zimmer will be working on; he will add his considerable expertise to “various projects” for the company’s electric fleet in the future.

Which is all fine and dandy by us. However, because we’re mostly children, there’s surely space for the Benny Hill theme tune in there as well, right? Right?

STORY Vijay Pattni

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