Looks like Lexus’s new EV will have a yoke

By topgear, 07 April 2022

Looks like Lexus’s new EV will have a yoke

Uh oh, looks like Lexus agrees with Tesla on something. Teaser shots showing the “production model” of the new RZ 450e have surfaced, and yes, that is a yoke steering setup. What is the automotive world coming to?

Lexus will fully reveal the electric RZ in a couple of weeks time, but of course we’ve already seen the intended design and we’ve had the full lowdown on its sister cars – the Toyota bZ4X and the Subaru Solterra.

In concept form the Toyota arrived with a similar-looking yoke to the one Lexus seems to have run with (see below), and it looks like the mooted, futuristic steer-by-wire system could actually make it into production.

TEXT Greg Potts

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