Maserati will now fit all its cars with the 3.8-litre Ferrari V8

By topgear, 11 August 2020

Gather round Internet folk, for we have exciting news from Italy. Remember the Maserati Levante Trofeo – the bonkers Ferrari-engined SUV from the Bologna-based company? Well, Maserati has finally decided that its other cars should get the Trofeo treatment too.

Yep, that means the 590hp 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 has now found homes in both the Ghibli and the Quattroporte too. Fantastic stuff. 

Unlike the Levante, though, the Ghibli and the Quattroporte both fully send all of that power (and 730Nm of torque) to the rear wheels via the eight-speed ZF auto gearbox. Top speeds are 326km/h and the Ghibli gets from 0-100km/h in 4.3 seconds, whilst the Quattroporte takes 0.2 seconds longer.

These are the fastest sedans Maserati has ever built, although with its four-wheel drive the Levante manages the same sprint in 4.1 seconds. 

No chassis strengthening was needed for either new car, but a new Corsa drive mode introduces Launch Control and opens up the exhaust valves, as well as firming up clever Skyhook dampers. The engine has been slightly reworked after its initial use in the Levante too, with new pistons, connecting rods and parallel twin-scroll turbos.

With the introduction of the Trofeo family, Maserati has also facelifted its whole range with new rear light clusters and a redesigned interior with an updated 10.1-inch touchscreen and infotainment system. In Trofeo trim they also get carbon fibre aero appendages and red detailing – just to let everyone know you bought the correct Maserati. Well done you. 

What do we think, Internet? Surely Maserati should be commended for sticking with the V8 in these testing times?

STORY Greg Potts

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