Mercedes has replaced the AMG GT S… with an AMG GT

By topgear, 02 August 2020

“Hi there, yes I’d like to buy one of your AMG GTs please.”

“Of course sir/madam (delete as applicable), would you like the GT Coupe, the GT Roadster, the GT S Coupe, the GT S Roadster, the GT C Coupe, the GT C Roadster, the GT R Coupe, the GT R Roadster, the GT R Pro or the GT Black Series? Hello… hello?”

Yeah, it’d be fair to say that the AMG GT range was getting a little bit messy, particularly after the recent announcement of the mega-looking Black Series. Mercedes clearly thought so too, and promptly decided that the lower end of the range was the perfect place to start tidying up.

As a result, the old GT and GT S have both been scrapped in their hard and soft-topped forms, to be replaced with what you see above – an updated and altogether more serious entry-level GT.

The old GT made do with 475hp, whilst the GT S upped power to 522hp, but the new entry point to the range gets 530hp from its twin-turbo V8 engine. It also gets more equipment as standard, which includes an electronically locking rear diff, high-performance composite brakes, a lithium-ion starter battery and an all-important Race mode. 

AMG Ride Control is included too and brings with it adaptive dampers, whilst speccing the AMG Dynamic Plus Package allows customers to tick an extra box for rear-wheel steering. Nice.

Not enough new-ness for you? The images above are of the ‘Night Edition’. Essentially that means you get a carbonfibre roof on the Coupe and a black soft top on the Roadster, as well as a darker grille, black brake calipers, black wheels and some dark interior upgrades. What do we reckon, Internet?

STORY Greg Potts

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