MINI announces four new MINI Editions for Singapore

By jaytee, 02 August 2022

MINI announces four new MINI Editions for Singapore

Yep, you read that right. FOUR new MINI edition models. After the announcement of the Anglo-inspired MINI One Frozen Brass Editions, one would think that the designers MINI would’ve run out of cool quirky ideas for their loveable hatchback. But boy were we wrong indeed.

All four editions are distinctly different from one another, all with varying design cues, unique colour schemes, additional easter eggs and in the case of the MINI Pat Moss Edition, motorsports heritage. We’ll leave the details on the latter car for later as we run down the list of funky new MINIs.

MINI Resolute Edition

We begin with the MINI Resolute edition, available in both MINI Cooper S 3-door and 5-door configurations as well as the MINI Electric 3-door. Regardless of whatever body style (or powertrain) you’d opt for, all Resolute edition MINIs are finished in a familiar shade of green, or Rebel Green, as MINI calls it. A colour that prior to the launch of this special edition, was only available in the top spec MINI John Cooper Works. Hence the familiarity. Or maybe because it reminds us of British Racing Green.

That Rebel Green paintwork is matched with a pepper white roof and mirror caps. Several exterior elements of the Resolute Edition MINI such as the grille surround, headlight surrounds, side scuttles and tailgate are finished in ‘Resolute Bronze’. The Resolute Edition also gets a pair of racing stripes comprised of a series of parallel gold lines on the hood.

The interior carries on the gold and bronze theme with gold stripes on the sill plates, a bronze lattice motif on the dashboard, 'gold' tartan seats with yellow contrast stitching on the black leather bolsters and a “Resolute’ emblem on the lower spoke of the steering wheel.

Retail prices for the Resolute MINIs are as follows: S$240,888 for the Cooper S 3-Door, S$243,888 for the Cooper S 5-door and S$224,888 for the electric variant.

MINI Untold Edition

And then comes the MINI Cooper S Clubman Untold Edition, yet another unique edition. However, it is exclusive to the Cooper S Clubman. The Untold Edition is finished in MINI’s Sage Green metallic, a colour that was previously offered on the larger countryman, the same shade of green as the Cooper S Countryman that we tested earlier last year.

Like the Resolute edition, the Untold edition has its own share of unique design elements that set it apart from the base cars. And it even has a front apron lifted off the more powerful MINI JCW Clubman. This time however, it features brass elements instead of bronze. The grille surrounds, rear badging, side sills and even the 18-inch rims are decorated with gold-hued brass accents. The Untold edition also gets 5 subtle stripes running from the bonnet all the way to the rear spoiler. The side scuttles also see the addition of a unique 3D printed insert.

The Sage Green and brass theme continues on the interior, with green leather seats and green interior panels complemented by brass trim inserts. Interested? This Untold edition Cooper S Clubman will set you back S$243,888.

MINI Untamed Edition

The largest vehicle within the MINI range gets it own special edition too, coming in the form of the MINI Cooper S Countryman Untamed Edition you see above. Momentum grey metallic paintwork and funky two-tone 18-inch rims aside, the Untamed edition Cooper S Countryman gets black badging, a black roof, as well as a unique ‘Frozen Bluestone’ livery down the sides.

Inside, you get highland green leather wrapping the seats and door cards, blue contrast stitching and a painted dashboard panel and lighting elements that illuminate the “Untamed” motif on the dash. What's the price for all that you ask? S$250,888. Moving on.

MINI Pat Moss Edition

Perhaps the most special of the four editions is this, the MINI Cooper S 5-Door Pat Moss Edition. It’s a special edition designed as a tribute to the late Pat Moss, a female racing pioneer who won the 1962 Tulip Rally in a classic Morris Mini Cooper, a race that spanned 2,500km across the Dutch countryside. Also, she was the younger sister of the late Sir Stirling Moss. Those are some rock solid credentials, which makes this special edition just that bit more special.

As a testament to how special it is, the MINI Pat Moss edition is limited to just 800 units worldwide. However, only 5 will be headed for Singapore, all in the Cooper S 5-door guise. Available in both Midnight Black or Pepper white, this very very special MINI is fitted with a JCW aerodynamics kit, which gives it proper JCW bumpers with flared vents and a more aggressive rear diffuser. And JCW sill plates beneath the doors.

The Pat Moss also features several tulip motifs on the interior and exterior (including the self-levelling centre caps), as well as a “Pat Moss” inscription on the bumper and on the dashboard. But the true winning feature of the Pat Moss Edition is the lovely Multitone gradient roof, which fades from Chili Red to Melting Silver and then to Jet black.

The MINI Cooper S 5-Door Pat Moss Edition is priced at S$243,888. That’s only a meagre S$3,000 increase over the base car, which frankly, is a bargain for that lovely ombré roof alone. Or so this author thinks. Bear in mind, only 5 of these unique editions would be available, so it’d be a rather special car indeed.

All four MINI editions will be on display at the VivoCity Central Court from the 1st to the 10th of August 2022, so if you'd like to take a peek at these cars, pop by and have a gander.


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