Pagani reveals stunning one-off Huayra ‘Dinamica Evo’ Roadster

By topgear, 20 March 2023

Pagani reveals stunning one-off Huayra ‘Dinamica Evo’ Roadster

Pagani has ‘revealed’ a new, customised one-off version of its Huayra Roadster called the Huayra Dinamica Evo. And for a car company so laser-honed on details, we have very little to go on.

Announced via Pagani’s social media channels, we know only that this very special Huayra Roadster – and it is very special – was built by the company’s newly minted Grandi Complicazioni division for a special customer. That’s the same outfit that recently presented us with the stunning long-tail Codalunga.

This Dinamica Evo is, in Pagani’s brief description, “a bundle of innovation, technology and performance, a one-off with a magnetic character”. A burgundy paintjob is matched with a few subtle details about the body – orange, white and green accents on the front winglets, a black decal running down the bonnet – while inside it features the same accent colours on the seat and a few special details.

About the performance bit of its brief. Certainly appears to have been spun off the Huayra BC Roadster, which if correct means a 6.0-litre AMG twin-turbo V12 punching out 791bhp and 774lb ft of torque to the rear wheels. The lightweight BC Roadster – weighing just 1,250kg – is capable of churning out astonishing levels of g force, so this is no boulevard cruiser.

A couple of small details we do know: Pagani announced back in 2019 that it'd only ever build 40 BC Roadsters. And despite knowing very little about this one, it's stunning.

TEXT Vijay Pattni

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