Renault Sport has changed its name to Alpine

By topgear, 11 May 2021

Renault Sport is no more. The team that over the years has given us some of the finest hot hatchbacks will henceforth be known as Alpine Cars, in recognition of its position within Renault’s newly established Alpine “Business Unit”. 

On a practical level little will change – the 300-strong Renault Sport team still exists, only now it’s working under the Alpine umbrella. But it does appear that from now on, thanks to the name change, fast Renaults will wear Alpine badges instead of Renault Sport ones. No news on what that means for the existing Megane R.S…. 

The Alpine “Business Unit”, announced back in January, effectively combines Alpine, Renault Sport and Renault’s motorsport operation into one entity. The next-gen Alpine product it’s developing includes an electric hot hatch, an electric crossover, and, together with Lotus, an electric replacement for the A110.

Laurent Rossi, Alpine’s CEO, said: “As part of the reorganisation of the Renault Group by brand, it is essential that the various entities that make up the Business Unit bear the Alpine name and embody the values ​​and ambitions of the brand. Alpine aims to be a premium sports brand at the forefront of innovation and technology. Alpine Cars with its expertise and experience in sports vehicles is a master card in achieving our goals.”

STORY Tom Harrison

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