SSC will build a ‘little brother’ to the 1,775hp Tuatara

By topgear, 21 May 2020

Recently, SSC released a short teaser video showcasing the mind-melting prowess of its long-awaited, 1,775hp hyper-hypercar, the Tuatara. A short sample of a few quick “buzz ups to the 330km/h-338km/h range”.

It’s also being built to far, far exceed 338km/h, of course. A number you’re probably familiar with (480km/h+). Though, not many will ever get that familiar, because only 100 Tuataras are being planned.

So where does that leave others who want a taste of the Tuatara’s performance and looks in something a little more… ‘mainstream’? Jerod Shelby, boss of SSC, confirmed to that a plan is in place for a hypercar to slot in the line-up underneath the Tuatara.

“It’s been a long, challenging and rewarding road to get to where we are today with the production Tuatara package,” he said. “But the original plan is still in place.

“To follow up the Tuatara with a ‘little brother’ model that carries a similar DNA in appearance and performance, but scaled down and priced in a range where a much larger portion of the population can purchase and enjoy it.”

Good news, no? The first matter of course, is finalising the SSC. The team has been testing straight for the past nine months (before the Covid pandemic, of course), refining daily drivability, performance, and how it’ll run on “real asphalt”.

And of course, how to punch through the 500km/h barrier. SSC – rationally – hasn’t put a time or date on a potential high-speed run, noting that there are indeed “many factors in choreographing a credible and official word record run”. But… we’re assured they’ve sourced a location, and a driver. God speed, that man.

We’ll have more on the amazing SSC for you soon, so stay tuned to for more lightly numbing performance details…

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