The 2020 Ford GT has more power and less paint

By topgear, 07 February 2020

Happily, the upgraded 2020 Ford GT doesn’t look any different from the car that went on sale back in 2017. Besides its total lack of paintwork.

You can still have your GT in whatever hue you fancy (or the blue/orange ‘Heritage’ livery), of course, but new for 2020 is the option to forgo an actual colour in favour of nowt but a clear coat, thus leaving the GT’s carbonfibre body panels exposed for all to see. Ford calls the finish “Liquid Carbon”, and says each car so specified will also come with carbonfibre wheels. Looks tremendous, doesn’t it?

Other changes for 2020 include more power. Only 13 more horsepower admittedly, but more power all the same, thanks to revised engine calibration, gallery-cooled pistons and higher-energy ignition coils. Moreover the once optional Akrapovič exhaust is now standard, saving weight and adding noise, while new buttress air ducts and larger intercoolers improve cooling. Tweaks to the suspension’s Track setting are said to improve handling on “high-speed transient sections of closed-course circuits”. Loving the specificity, Ford.

Production of the GT is set to end in 2022. Ford is notoriously picky about who it lets buy them, too, so odds of getting your hands on a brand new one (presuming you don’t already have an allocation) is unlikely.

The company makes owners sign a contract saying they won’t sell for two years after taking delivery, meaning happily, early cars are now starting to come up for sale (for vastly more money than they cost new). Buy one, strip the paint, job done.

STORY Tom Harrison

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