The Czinger 21C will do 0-100km/h in 1.9secs

By topgear, 18 February 2020

Oh Czinger, you big tease. Ahead of next month’s Geneva Motor Show, the LA-based start-up has let slip its 21C hypercar will be able to hit 100km/h in an outrageous 1.9secs.

Yes, Internet, 0-100km/h in less than two seconds. If true, that makes the 21C one of the fastest-accelerating things on four wheels. For context, Tesla claims its new Roadster will do 0-95km/h in 1.9secs, while Rimac claims the C_Two does 0-100km/h in 1.97secs. And we mustn’t forget the Aspark Owl

Those are all EVs. Czinger hasn’t told us exactly what the 21C will be powered by – only that it’ll have a “in-house developed, strong hybrid powertrain”, suggesting an internal combustion component. The company says it - whatever ‘it’ is - will make 1,250hp. This is enough.

We’re promised the 21C, which seats its two occupants tandem-style, was “conceived, designed, engineered and manufactured from the ground up by a team of pioneering engineers, scientists and designers based In Los Angeles, California using a proprietary production system.”

“The result is the first vehicle of this era with a complex, optimised overall structure generated using computing power, additive manufacturing and artisanship”. Additive manufacturing? 3D printing, to you and I…

More as we have it.

STORY Tom Harrison

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