The Ferrari 488 GT Modificata is a GT3 car unleashed

By topgear, 30 November 2020

Ferrari calls it “transcending the limits”. We call it “unhinged”. This is what a Ferrari 488 racer looks like when not bound by the laws of any rational universe. Or race series.

Welcome to the 488 GT ‘Modificata’, which, Ferrari helpfully explains, means “designs that have been evolved for better performance”. It’s a combination of the best performance attributes of both the 488 GT3 and GTE racers, as well as throwing the BoP regs largely into the furnace.

As such, the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 is treated to “innovative solutions” and more aggressive, ‘high-performance’ mapping. The result is ‘around’ 700hp, “all without compromising Ferrari’s proverbial reliability”. Bet it sounds good. There are different gear ratios available, and the fitment of a carbon fibre clutch to deal with the extra force.

As it’s a modern-day Ferrari, aero plays an enormous role. We’re assured this Modificata gets a completely new setup built for high-downforce, while “shifting the pressure centre forward”. Just like the GTE car, the entire body is built from carbonfibre, while only the roof and uprights are crafted from aluminium. All in, Ferrari claims 1,000kg of downforce at 230km/h.

It carries over the suspension setup of the 488 GTE, the ABS setup from the GT3 Evo, and a new Brembo brake setup with low-residual-torque calipers. There’s a V-Box, Bosch data telemetry, a high-res rear-view camera, an actual passenger seat and tyre pressure management all thrown in as standard. Naturally, you can also customise your Modificata, because it’s a modern-day Ferrari.

Though, only those drivers who have recently raced a Ferrari in Competizioni GT or Club Competizioni GT are eligible to bag one of the limited series cars. How limited, we don’t know, nor how much. But, like we said at the top, it’s an unhinged, racing Ferrari.

STORY Vijay Pattni

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