The Ferrari Testarossa Spider from OutRun is actually for sale

By topgearsingapore, 31 October 2022

The Ferrari Testarossa Spider from OutRun is actually for sale

Here it is, folks: the Ferrari Testarossa Spider, a car that you – if you’re anything like us – have driven for countless miles... without ever actually touching. 

As you’re probably aware by now, the Testarossa Spider never made it to series production – more’s the pity – and the single Spider that Ferrari itself built was made specifically for Gianni Agnelli himself. 

So what you’re seeing here is the product of Pininfarina – and some serious money talking. As was du jour back in the late Eighties and early Nineties, such outlandish one-offs and exclusive runs were generally the preserve of the Sultan of Brunei or his younger brother, Jefri Bolkiah. And as far as we know (details, as ever, are sketchy), the Testarossa Spider is no different. As many as seven Testarossa Spiders (built by Pininfarina) went to the Sultan – a frankly circumspect effort from the man who bought eleven F40s and had Pininfarina modify them in various ways – including performing a RHD conversion. 

In any case, the car you’re looking at here isn’t actually an ex-Bruneian Ferrari. Instead, it was commissioned by an ‘important client’ of Pininfarina, who rewarded the coachbuilder’s hard work by... never registering the car for road use. Or driving it, really. In fact, as seems to be the way with these things, this three-decade-old car has only travelled 418km in its entire life.

TEXT Craig Jamieson

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