The Honda S660 is bowing out with this special edition

By topgear, 16 March 2021

Kei car obsessives of the internet, it’s a sad day. The death knell is ringing for the sweet little Honda S660.

It’ll have been on sale seven years by the time production comes to a close in 2022, and Honda has sold around 30,000 units. Kei regulations undergo tweaks every now and then, and it’d be surprising if it’s a corner of the market that didn’t soon major on electrification – especially given how well the similarly dinky Honda e operates in the city environment kei rules were designed for.

Anyway, this is how the glorious S660 sportscar is being sent off – with the Modulo X Version Z special edition. Complex name, simple little car: a 64hp, 660cc engine sits in the middle, driving the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox. It’s all our analogue sportscar dreams, just with around a tenth of the power.

It’s a purely cosmetic upgrade, bringing a red roof and interior paired with either white or grey paint, while black alloys and a rear spoiler are standard too. It’s priced from a smidge over 3 million yen...

STORY Stephen Dobie

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