The Hyundai Prophecy concept is a swoopy four-seat EV thing

By topgear, 04 March 2020

“The application of Hyundai’s Sensuous Sportiness design philosophy is evident in the voluptuous side section, which is like that of a perfectly weathered stone,” reads the Hyundai press release that has just landed on our desks. Right. Gotcha.

Let’s backtrack a little. What you’re looking at above is the Hyundai Prophecy concept – something that was of course scheduled to be on display at the now-virtual Geneva Motor Show. Pretty stunning isn’t it?

Despite the slightly odd design speak, Hyundai might just have stolen the ‘best-looking concept’ prize from the shapeshifting Renault Morphoz. We won’t mention the BMW i4

The Prophecy is a four-door, four-seat EV sedan/coupe thing that apparently expresses Hyundai’s latest design language and previews some features that will make it to production models – hence the name.

‘Sensuous Sportiness’ is what the company is calling its philosophy, with the new i20 being the first model to debut whatever that translates to. Here, the designers have clearly decided it means clean lines, retrofuturistic touches and a hint of Porsche/Tesla influence.

Check out the lights. They’re pixel lamps like the ones we first saw on Hyundai’s 45 concept last year and are integrated into the headlights, taillights and the spoiler. Apparently, that’s one element of the Prophecy that we’ll see in future Hyundai models.

Something we might not see, however, is the joystick-style steering apparatus. Granted, it looks very cool and removes the bulky steering wheel (which you won’t need anyway when the car is driving itself) but we just cannot see that catching on. The joystick died in gaming circles years ago.

The rest of the interior is really rather lovely though. Excellent use of tartan. Hyundai says the colours have been chosen as they encourage rest and relaxation.

That’s about all we know for now. Other than the fact that the Prophecy would of course be an EV were it to be real. So, what do you reckon Internet? Should Hyundai build it?

STORY Greg Potts

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