The Ineos Grenadier might just get a hydrogen powertrain

By topgear, 23 November 2020

Big news, folks. Hyundai has signed a VERY OFFICIAL AGREEMENT with chemical company and soon-to-be 4x4 builder Ineos.

The ‘memorandum of understanding’ will apparently see the two manufacturers combine their joint knowledge of hydrogen with the hope of developing a system that allows for the worldwide production and supply of the alternative fuel source.

Or more simply put – they want to look into building a network of cost-efficient hydrogen fuel stations so we can all drive hydrogen-powered cars.

Those cars would of course include the current Hyundai Nexo, which will also offer up its fuel cell powertrain for Ineos to test in the boxy Grenadier SUV. Interesting. From launch the Grenadier will be available with straight-six petrol and diesel engines courtesy of BMW.

In the agreement announced today, Hyundai will benefit from having access to Ineos’ chemical expertise. Makes sense, given that Ineos says it currently produces 300,000 tons of hydrogen per year, mainly as a by-product from its chemical making. Crikey.

What do we think, people? Is a possible hydrogen-powered future something to get excited about?

STORY Greg Potts

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