The McLaren Elva's put on a racy Can-Am costume

By topgear, 26 March 2020

We’re not sure how you’re occupying yourself right now. But McLaren, as is all the rage nowadays, has been relieving its stresses via some grown-up colouring in. Specifically of its Elva speedster.

First unveiled in a classy grey, it’s now – in the finest Woking tradition – received a lick of orange paint.

But not just any old orange. It’s been decorated as a homage to Bruce McLaren’s M6A Can-Am racecar from 1967, receiving the same livery and decals right down to font choices. The M6A’s glorious fixed wing and metal rollover hoop don’t carry over, but then they do have modern day equivalents aboard the Elva, which does a remarkable job of imitating its Sixties ancestor’s voluptuous arches.

The M6A and Bruce formed a mighty bond, winning the ’67 Can-Am title together with the M6A of Denny Hulme a close second.

Where that car used a Chevrolet-sourced 5.9-litre V8, free of turbos and producing 530hp, the Elva packs an even bigger punch, its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 serving up a mighty 815hp. Though its raft of driver aids should make it a significantly simpler thing to drive quickly.

If you want one, just 399 will be made. Whether you – the affluent buyer – can have a makeshift M6A costume on yours, McLaren hasn’t yet confirmed…

STORY Stephen Dobie

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