The Mercedes-AMG GT2 is AMG’s most powerful ever customer race car

By topgear, 12 December 2022

The Mercedes-AMG GT2 is AMG’s most powerful ever customer race car

Think of this as the Mercedes-AMG GT3.5, or the Goldilocks racing AMG for mortals. Officially it’s called the Mercedes-AMG GT2, and despite being the most powerful ever customer racing car AMG has built in its twelve-year customer sport programme, it’s not the most hardcore.

That honour still lies with the AMG GT3 – “increasingly being raced by professional drivers” – though this new GT2 is a step up from the “entry into the world of GT racing” GT4 cars. So, GT3.5 it is.

It’s been built as a package for “ambitious amateur drivers in particular” and never has a tagline so dearly touched’s heart. AMG wants this car to appeal to “less-experienced” drivers, and has been crafted so as to deliver what it calls ‘reliable’ handling.

What’s reliable is the tested 4.0-litre flat-cranked biturbo V8 under the long nose of the GT2, which in this iteration packs a healthy 697bhp – obviously more than the GT3 (thanks, BoP) and entry-level GT4.

It’s matched to a six-speed racing gearbox with modified gear ratios, mounted at the back by means of a long carbon torque tube, powering the rear wheels. There’s infinitely configurable motorsport dampers and adjustable anti-roll bars too.

Good hardware. Good looks, too. Notable elements include a carbon bonnet with a large air outlet, and louvres in the carbon wings up for better aero performance. See also: a multi-adjustable huge single-level rear wing. There are forged 18in alloys, while inside AMG has fitted a programmable high-res driver display.

A multi-function steering wheels sits pride of place for these ‘ambitious’ drivers, and all the requisite motorsport safety aids including AMG’s own adjustable traction control and racing ABS.

“The GT3 segment having become more and more professional and GT4 having become established as an entry-level category, we open up new opportunities with the Mercedes-AMG GT2,” explains Mercedes-AMG’s motorsport boss.

And by GT2, he of course means GT3.5.

TEXT Vijay Pattni

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