The new Nissan GT-R T-spec brings flip paint and lightweight wheels

By topgear, 16 September 2021

The R35-gen Nissan GT-R launched in 2007. And yet here we are with the MY22 version. The big ol’ Nissan is sailing towards its 15th year on sale. Crikey.

Mind, Nissan is at pains to point out the MY22 car you see here is for the Japanese market. Will a European version come? We don’t know. But it’s best to not get too attached to its new flip paint option just in case.

The cars you’re looking at here both display the new ‘T-spec’ trim option which sits atop the rest of the range. In Millenium Jade – i.e. the sort of murky greeny silver colour – we have the Premium T-Spec, which adds around 3.6 million Yen to the cost of a regular GT-R Premium.

That buys you carbon-ceramic brakes, a carbon wing, an ‘exclusive’ rose gold engine cover and RAYS wheels, which are supplemented by nerdy suspension tuning to account for their negligible weight difference over the stock alloys. Never change, GT-R engineering team, never change.

In Midnight Purple – inspired by the northern lights, apparently, and nicked from an old R34 GT-R – we have the Track Edition Engineered by NISMO T-spec. It probably accounts for its 3.3m Yen premium in the length of its name alone, but luckily Nissan has also added a carbon roof and boot lid just to be sure.

Just 100 of each will be made and are being allocated to their buyers by the Japanese equivalent of a church fete tombola. Fingers crossed, lads and lasses. And if you’re wondering what T stands for… well, Nissan informs us it denotes the words ‘trend’ and ‘traction’.

“As a trend maker, the GT-R is created to always be ahead of the times,” we’re sagely informed, “and the car’s ability to drive with robust grip make it a traction master.”

But for how many more years?

STORY Stephen Dobie

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