The Porsche Taycan now is available as an 'entry-level' 4S

By topgear, 14 October 2019

Hurrah! It’s a Porsche Taycan whose price doesn’t comprise high six figures. Savage depreciation already? Nope: meet the Taycan 4S and yup, it’s not wearing any Turbo misnomers like its pricier stablemates.

It still has twin motors, one on each axle (for four-wheel drive) producing a total of 530hp on overboost. That’s down notably on the 680hp Turbo that sits above it, adding almost a second to the 0-100km/h time which now sits at four seconds dead. Hardly slow, mind, and from our reckoning, the Turbo does sit a whole S$150+k (if not more) above it.

This 4S is the entry-level Taycan – for now – but the Porsche options list is extensive and there are a lot of boxes to tick.

One of which is for the Performance Battery Plus, which replaces the 4S’s 79.2kWh battery with the 93.4kWh unit from the Taycan Turbo, lifting the 4S’s power output to 570hp in the process.

It also lifts the range; 405km as standard, 460 if you’ve upgraded, a smidge more than the Turbo itself claims. Both figures will need judicious use of the Taycan’s mighty handling prowess to prove realistic, we suspect.

The exterior styling is simpler – again, before options – but all of Porsche’s clever chassis systems remain intact beneath.

Like what you see? Is the Taycan a more convincing Tesla rival?

STORY Stephen Dobie

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