The Renault 4 has returned as an off-roader concept

By topgearsingapore, 18 October 2022

The Renault 4 has returned as an off-roader concept

Soon after it revives the Renault 5 as a production electric supermini next year, Renault will also launch a new 4 in 2025. Here's a preview. A pretty outlandish preview, but you can still draw clues.

The Renault 4EVer will be an electric mini crossover. But, we can assume, one that comes without the concept's sand ladders, shovel and adventure rack. They'd be very much surplus to requirements in Surbiton and Cheadle.

Still, the 4EVer Trophy concept is a bit of fun, and at Renault's home Paris show, a bit of fun is just the job. Even the name – 4EVer…  4 EV… see what they did there?

Renault's chief of advanced and concept design Sandeep Bhambra says the concept's pained metal, and the glazing, are "very close" to the production car's. "The design of the production car is almost frozen now." How does he know? Because the advanced and production teams share studios. "This is a teaser."

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