The Tesla Model S ‘Plaid’ will do 0-95km/h in under two seconds

By topgear, 23 September 2020

Some news from the land of Tesla. Big, fast news. Specs for the range-topping Tesla Model S ‘Plaid’ have been confirmed, and they are wild.

Plaid sits above Ludicrous in Tesla’s nomenclature, and this Model S Plaid will likely sit above anything else you care to mention. Announced at the company’s recent ‘Battery Day’ event, Tesla reckons the halo Plaid will punch out over 1,100hp.

Eleven. Hundred. Horsepower. This tri-motor, all-wheel-drive setup will enable the Model S Plaid to accelerate from 0-95km/h in under two seconds, blast through a quarter-mile sprint in less than nine seconds, and hit 320km/h flat out.

The range has been estimated as somewhere in the region of 830km, though if you want yet more banzai numbers, it managed a 1m 30.3s lap of Laguna Seca, and Musk reckons there’s another three seconds to be taken out from that time. That, he said, would make the Model S Plaid the fastest production car around the fabled American circuit.

STORY Vijay Pattni

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