These are the first five Italdesign GT-R 50 specials

By topgear, 11 November 2021

This is quite the multipack of cars, isn’t it? It’s the first quintet of Nissan GT-R 50 by Italdesign specials, ready for delivery to their owners. And they all look a treat. Though we’re finding it hard to keep our eyes off the red-wheeled test car that swells them to a sextet…

The green ‘n’ gold GT-R 50 takes its stylistic inspiration from Nissan’s 1972 GT-R showcar (pictured below), “the Italdesign team working hard to design a dedicated livery and colour to homage it, producing the Verde Kenmeri tint for this only car”. Yikes.

Those two grey cars (sorry, Liquid Kinetic Gray cars) are designed to mimic the GT-R 50 prototype which TG took on a faintly ludicrous road trip a few years ago.

And the other two? They’re not inspired by previous Nissan show cars, rather the world of art. “The last two body tints are inspired by Italdesign’s experience and by one of the greatest Renaissance artist: the renowned Argento Italdesign and the Nero Caravaggio,” we’re told. It’s like being on a tour of the Louvre.

Though the GT-R 50 will likely encourage the sort of yobbish behaviour that’d get you kicked out those Parisian halls; learnings from the GT-R GT3 racecar bring more power – now peaking at 720hp – as well as tricksier suspension and bigger brakes.

The car celebrates both the GT-R’s and Italdesign’s 50th birthdays, and 50 are being made, with another 45 of them to complement this five. How’d you spec yours?

STORY Stephen Dobie

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