This company will turn your Tesla Model S yoke into a proper steering wheel

By topgear, 13 January 2022

Good news for those who fancy a new Tesla Model S but just couldn’t cope with that lopped yoke steering ‘wheel’ – California-based Tesla tuner T Sportline has a fix sorted.

T Sportline’s solution uses the base of the yoke so it’s still a slightly strange shape, but perhaps more acceptable than Tesla’s only offering. You can spec your new wheel in hand-stitched leather for S$3,095, or you can spend even more on a full carbon fibre example. That’ll set you back S$4,710. Ouch.

Oh, and if you’ve specced the cold weather pack on your Model S, the heated wheel function will no longer work. Doh!

Worth the extra outlay to fix that yoke?

TEXT Greg Potts

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