This Ford Bronco Overland really wants to go off-grid

By topgear, 11 October 2020

This, Internet, is a new Ford Bronco. But not just any ol’ Bronco. This is the Overland Concept, and it wants to go hide away and camp off-grid. We don’t blame it.

It’s based on the four-door version of the curiously named Bronco Badlands – one of the most off-road capable new Broncos – and is here painted in a colour called ‘Area 51’. We are fully on board. There’s 360-degree lighting and a CB radio should extra-terrestrial visitors creep up on you in the night.

The Bronco’s smaller, 2.3-litre four-cyl turbo engine sits up front. But this one’s not about pace, it’s about tenacity. Thus its heavy-duty Fifteen52 Turbomatic wheels, wrapped in 35in BFGoodrich tyres, are of way more importance. As is its reinforced steel bumper.

On top of all that you’ve the roof-mounted two-person tent and rear quarters full of fridges and cooking facilities, with a fold-up table and chairs stuffed into the tailgate. It would have fitted in well at Top Gear’s 2020 Speed Week.

The Overland is being displayed at this week’s Bronco Super Celebration East in Tennessee. Like what you see?

STORY Stephen Dobie

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