This Hellcat-engined Jeep Gladiator is taking the fight to Hennessey

By topgear, 05 February 2020

Ahh America. Land of the free, apparently, and also of the 1,000bhp Hellcat-engined Hennessey Maximus Jeep Gladiator. Crikey. You’ll remember the thing, of course – how could you forget it?

Hennessey, though, is not the only company to fit Jeep’s US-only pickup truck with the aforementioned 6.2-litre supercharged engine. Dodge has even been selling the powertrain as a crate engine. 

Welcome then, to Florida-based tuner TR3 Performance’s effort. Doesn’t it look mean? TR3 says that the Hellcat is in its standard form – although with 707bhp and 880Nm of torque as ‘standard’ this thing shouldn’t hang around. It’s been built for a specific customer and features a whole host of off-road upgrades elsewhere too. 

Most obvious of course is the lift kit, which comes courtesy of Fox Shocks, and allows room for those chunky off-road tyres and 17-inch wheels. There are new front and rear bumpers, hooks and winches all the way around and awesome cutaway arches too. Plus, that rear light bar has gone straight to the top of the ‘list of things we never knew we needed but now desperately want’.

As you can see from the pictures above, TR3 has also fitted the Gladiator with a Magnaflow exhaust system to help that massive engine breathe. We were already disappointed enough about not getting the standard, V6-engined Gladiator over here in the UK, but this really is torture. What a thing… 

STORY Greg Potts
PHOTOS TR3 Performance

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