This is the Ford Bronco Everglades special edition

By topgearsingapore, 14 February 2022

Americans, have you already got an order in for a Bronco? Well, Ford is now offering you the chance to switch your spec to this new Everglades special edition. 

Essentially it adds a few more off-roady options including a factory-installed snorkel, a front-mounted winch and the Bronco’s chunky-tyred Sasquatch Package. It’s only available as a four-door, and there’s also squared-off arches, Urban Green accents throughout the interior and some neat graphics behind the front wheels. 

Ford reckons the A-pillar-mounted snorkel raises the Bronco’s wading depth to 925mm (for reference, the standard Land Rover Defender manages 900mm), whilst the winch is rated for over 4.5 tonnes.

The Everglades gets a ‘protective safari bar’, plus the steel underbody protection that comes on the Badlands Bronco. The front and rear axles, the transfer box and the gearbox all get raised vents to help with that additional wading depth, too.

Everglades... we cannot relate... maybe Sarimbun Scout Camp edition can?

TEXT Greg Potts


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