This is the new Nissan Z with no roof, and a big boot

By topgear, 18 September 2020

This week, Nissan unveiled the Z Proto. A rear-drive, manual sportscar with around 400hp. A dream right? Only a dream for those who live in Europe: Nissan reckons there’s no market for it there.

If you’re still gawping lovingly at it, though - comfortable with being able to look at something you can’t touch - then stick around. We’ve another two cars to ogle.

The work of X-Tomi Design, one of’s favourite online graphic artists, this pair of renders shows us how Nissan’s new Z car will look if a) they take a big saw to the roof then b) refit a much longer version. It’s the Z Proto in roadster and shooting brake form. And they look… good, huh?

They’re even less likely to make it to our shores than the Actually Real coupe version, though we’d put a heck of a lot more money on a roadster making production than a shooting brake. The 350Z and 370Z both came in drop-top form, after all.

So, like the way these look?

STORY Stephen Dobie

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