This is the new Tesla Cybertruck

By topgear, 23 November 2019

Meet the Cybertruck. No, we’ve never seen anything like it before either. Tesla’s answer to conventional pick-ups from Ford, GM and Dodge, it takes its inspiration from somewhere else entirely. Including, according to Elon Musk, the Lotus Esprit.

So what have we got here? Well, something quite different: a monocoque construction rather than the ladder frame used by most rivals, and unpainted stainless steel body panels. Inside there’s seating for six and the load bay is two metres long and totals over 2,800 litres of space.

And yes, it’s got a built in cover. It can cope with a payload of over 1,500kg and the top version can tow a maximum of 6,350kg – all par for the course in the US truck market.

Three versions will be available: a rear-drive Single Motor, Dual Motor and the new Tri-motor set-up with two motors on the rear axle. That version is said to be capable of 0-96km/h in under 2.9secs. The others do the sprint in 6.5 and 4.5secs respectively. They also have smaller battery packs than the Tri-Motor which claims a 800km range and will cost US$69,900.

The entry-level version starts at only US$39,900, with the mid-spec version US$10,000 more. The glass is armoured, autopilot and adaptive air suspension are standard and there’s over 40cm of ground clearance.

It’s expected to go on sale late in 2021, with the tri-motor version following the year after. That timing means it’s likely to go head to head with electric trucks from Ford and GM, plus the well received Rivian R1T. So, truck fans, which one is it to be?

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