This model Rolls-Royce Cullinan costs more than an actual car

By topgear, 22 May 2020

Trust Rolls-Royce to come up with the most intricately detailed model car we’ve ever seen. Made from more than 1,000 perfectly recreated, miniature components, the model takes a whopping 450 hours to put together (by hand, obvs). That’s more than half the time it takes to assemble the real deal, even though it’s only one eighth the size.

The cost? Predictably obscene. It’s not confirmed and likely to fluctuate with each model but probably somewhere around £30,000 – more money than most people are prepared to spend on an actual car.

And that’s just the start. Fork over yet more cash and Rolls will quite happily paint your model Cullinan to match your real one, whether it’s a finished in a shade from the company’s 40,000-strong colour palette or one entirely bespoke to you. Once applied by hand, the paintwork is polished to a mirror-shine, and coachlines are applied (again, by hand) with a super-fine brush.

Meanwhile inside, Rolls can match trim and upholstery, including piping, stitching and specific types of wood, to the tee. And naturally all four doors and boot open to give you a better view. Cracking the bonnet reveals a “perfect likeness” of the real deal’s twin-turbo V12.

The whole thing is supplied in a meter-long Perspex display case, together with a remote to control the working headlights.

STORY Tom Harrison

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