This modified 700hp Audi RSQ8 is a subtle, dignified SUV*

By topgear, 16 June 2020

Fancy a career in covert operations, or espionage? Perchance a quiet, tranquil existence, free from drama and ostentation? If you answered yes, then oh boy do we have the car for you.

In literally no way whatsoever. This is called the Lumma CLR 8 RS, and it is a modified Audi RS Q8. Because a 2.3-tonne, 600hp-as-standard mahoosive SUV needed just that little bit more.

More is what it gets. There’s more power and torque – now up to 700hp and 910Nm – courtesy of a Lumma performance ECU, along with a four-pipe sports exhaust. “Overall, the optimisations ensure a noticeable improvement in the driving performance,” says Lumma.

Lumma also says it is a ‘striking eye-catcher from every angle’, and we literally cannot argue with that assessment. Because it is true. There are carbon front and rear spoiler lips, carbon wheel arch extensions (with larger inlets to better cool those massive brakes), carbon door panels, a carbon rear diffuser and roof spoiler, and just more carbon.

The wheels are 23in in size, built from light alloy, and painted in whatever colour thy heart desires. You can fit spacers if you want, because at this point why the hell not. Inside? Well, again, whatever you want. Leather. Wood. Carbon fibre. Everything is individually designed.

Available from later this year, the modifications pack will set you back €38k plus VAT in Germany. Also, you may not have noticed and we haven’t yet mentioned it, but it’s orange. Just in case, y’know, you didn’t notice all the orange.

STORY Vijay Pattni

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