What are your thoughts on Liberty Walk’s Lexus LC500?

By topgear, 26 March 2020

There can’t be many people out there who think the standard Lexus LC500 is restrained in the way it looks. There’s that gaping grille, razor-sharp lights front and rear and LFA-style touches all over the place. If we’re honest, we absolutely love it.

What then, do you people of the Internet think about Liberty Walk’s iteration? The Nagoya-based tuner doesn’t do things by halves, that’s for sure.

The trademark, widebody riveted arches are present, as are new splitters and skirts all round. Then the whole thing is slammed on air suspension for good measure.

This needn’t be a JDM rarity either – you can get the kit shipped to the UK and fitted to your very own V8-engined LC500. Heck, you can even get it fitted to the V6 hybrid LC500h. But please don’t. 

The panels can be had in either fibreglass reinforced plastic or CFRP, with the former costing between £10,000 - £12,000 in the UK and the latter between £13,000 and £15,000. The final price depends on which rear wing design you choose – naturally.

Not cheap then, but if you want to stand out from the crowd…

STORY Greg Potts

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