Yes, this is a Tesla Model S hearse

By topgear, 22 August 2020

Welcome, everyone, to the Binz.E. Yup, it’s a Tesla Model S that’s been converted into a hearse.

The work of German coachbuilder Binz International, together with UK companies Coleman Milne and Woodall Nicholson, the Binz.E is built in Germany and based on your choice of new or used Model S.

Available in right-hand drive for us Brits, we’re told the Binz.E uses “compression composite sandwich construction” (whatever that is) to maintain rigidity, and can do up to 350km on a single charge. No word on whether Binz will hearse-ify a Model S Performance, complete with Ludicrous Mode. Now wouldn’t that be something.

Some hearses keep their rear doors, but the Binz.E ditches them in favour of more space for all-important cargo. Which is just fine. Hearses always look a bit odd thanks to their lengthened wheelbases and raised roof-lines, and this Model S is no exception. Just look at the trim around the top of the doors.

Would you want your last ever journey to be in the back of one of these things? Answers below, please.

STORY Tom Harrison

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