You can buy this... interesting exhaust for your new M3

By topgear, 29 September 2020

Tradition dictates that soon as BMW launches a new car, it releases a slew of ‘M Performance Parts’ – accessories to augment the look and, says BMW, feel of your shiny new motor. Usually it’s things like skirts, spoilers and alloy wheels. Maybe a bit of carbonfibre trim or a new steering wheel.

We hoped that for the new M3 and M4 the M Performance Parts people might have offered an alternative grille. For the folks who find the new M cars a bit nasally challenged.

But alas, t’was not to be. Instead there’s the usual mix of wheels, carbon spoilers, splitters and winglets and height-adjustable sports suspension. The cars pictured up top are wearing pretty much everything.

But the headline part is that exhaust. The ‘M Performance Silencer System’ replaces the standard cars’ quad tailpipes with a new, 5kg lighter system made from titanium. The new tailpipes are bunched together in the middle and stacked on top of each other. Think Lexus IS F.

The M3 and M4 have already divided opinion, mainly for their controversial snouts. Do BMW’s M Performance Parts make things better or worse?

STORY Tom Harrison

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