Perfect Fit : Pirelli Perfect Fit

By topgear, 06 May 2019

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It’s been close to 40 years since Porsche owners were first acquainted with P Zero tyres - Pirelli’s custom-made, Original Equipment marked tyres made specially to help vehicles perform at their optimum.

In an effort to bring their tyres to more people around the world, Pirelli has linked up with several top car manufacturers - Bentley, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz etc - to create the Perfect Fit.

Adhering to the concept, P Zero tyres put emphasis on the car’s performance, handling and safety, while enhancing all the vehicle benefits. Car owners will also sit easy knowing their tyres were specifically designed for the cars they are driving.

For Pirelli, an undertaking as precise as this took close to three years. The first three months were dedicated to design, the next two years to prototype development and the final half-year for industrialisation and production.

Besides appealing to drivers who want more from their cars, P Zero tyres contribute to a more balanced weight distribution, an increased compatibility with electronic systems, and better functionality across every type of vehicle.

With added noise cancellation technology, P Zero tyres with low rolling resistance can improve your everyday drive. It provides an exceptional grip for maximum safety that leads to a high level of stability and traction, even in cold weather and snow.

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