Q has made a very blue Aston Martin DB11

By topgear, 17 February 2017

Aston shows second Q-ified car of the week, and allows you to design your own supercar

Q hasn’t been this busy since Tomorrow Never Dies. Aston Martin’s customisation department – with a name to match James Bond’s gadget man, if you need reminding – has shown us its second car of the week.

Following the Red Bull edition Vantage comes this, the first Q-ified Aston Martin DB11. It is fairly blue. Zaffre Blue, to be precise.

The colour seems to cover just about every surface it will stick too, with only the Obsidian Black leather seemingly escaping its clutches. So there’s blue paintwork, blue interior detailing, blue stitching and, if you’d failed to notice, blue wheels. We imagine they’ll be loved and hated in equal measure.

What isn’t painted blue on the outside appears to be carbonfibre, with the front splitter, rear diffuser and mirrors all cast from the lightweight material. Q has only touched the aesthetic stuff, so the DB11’s ace 600hp V12 and lovely GT car manners are untouched.

The DB11 by Q appears at next month’s Geneva motor show, alongside the announcement of expansions to the Q range. So as well as specials like this, you’ll be able to design your own one-off car thanks to ‘Q by Aston Martin – Commission’.

“The only limit is your imagination – every new commission starts with a blank sheet of paper,” says Q boss Dr Matthew Bennett. The idea is we’ll see a number of “ultra-limited run series with features and design elements that are distinct to their regions and customers”. Things like the rather wonderful Aston Martin CC100 roadster.

So TG.com, imaginations at the ready. What would your Q car commission look like? No limits…

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