Surprise! The Ferrari SP38 is Maranello's latest one-off

By topgear, 24 May 2018

batch 180178 car ferrari sp38

488-based SP38 was built for a very special client...

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Welcome to the latest one-off Ferrari. The SP38 – which uses the chassis and running-gear from a 488 GTB – was built for “one of Ferrari’s most dedicated customers” who has a “deep passion for racing”.

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The project’s “general direction” was therefore influenced by another twin-turbocharged Ferrari, the F40 – whose influence Ferrari says can be seen in the rear wing and engine cover. The former “creates a suggestive frame surrounding the tail volume”, and the latter is a clamshell-type arrangement in carbonfibre.

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The slimline front bumper, meanwhile, harks back to the 308 GTB, and we’re promised the “strongly tapered nose” and “muscular wheelarches” give the SP38 “potency and agility”. We quite like it.

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We don’t know whether the new bodywork has had any effect on performance. But seeing as a regular 488 does 0-100km/h in three seconds flat and runs on to 330km/h thanks to its 3.9-litre, twin-turbo, 661bhp V8 and 7spd DCT, the SP38 ought not to be slow.

STORY Tom Harrison

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