The Tig is back

By topgear, 11 September 2010


Volkswagen has a new model generation of its compact SUV, the Tiguan and following its European launch (and our test drive) several months prior, it's seeing a launch on local shores.

VW tells us this is new, though like the differences between the Mk5 and Mk6 Golfs, the new Tiguan is more accurately a comprehensive facelift with a nose and silhouette resembling its bigger brother, the Touareg. Its interiors also get a boost in quality (already no slouch before) including an electric parking brake switch and push-button start.

Two flavours the new TIguan (regular and 'Sport') and will come in and with the same 2.0-litre turbocharged four-banger with four wheel-drive and a 7spd dual-clutch gearbox. For the VW nerds in our audience, this engine is a close relative of the one used in the GTI and available in two states of tune, 180 and 210bhp, the latter available in the Sport variant.

The basic version comes standard with the aforementioned keyless entry n' go system, plus rain-sensing wipers, automatic headlights. Fairly basic, but give VW several more of your hard-earned coins and that nets you all the above items along with a panoramic glass roof, cruise control and 'RNS510' infotainment system.

If you're unfamiliar with the RNS510, it's about as versatile as what the Tiguan claims to be with a touchscreen, built-in 30gb hard drive and slot for an SD memory card. Not content with just playing cool tunes, the RNS510 also doubles as a sat-nav and screen for the reverse camera.

The Tiguan's arrival comes not a moment too soon, given it's currently Singapore's second best selling compact SUV this year, just under a percentage point shy of the current market leader, the BMW X1.

Whether it can claim the number one spot before the year is out remains to be seen, but it's certainly priced to move, from S$154,000 with COE. The Sport's price starts from S$179,000 with COE.

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