Turn your Suzuki Jimny into a mini G-Class or Defender

By topgear, 17 November 2018

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We rather like the new Suzuki Jimny. We suspect many of you out there also like the new Suzuki Jimny.

For those of you that do, some news of interest: a Japanese tuning company is offering bodykits that transform the little J into something a little more… familiar.


Dream Automotive Design and Development – or DAMD – is the tuner in question. The little tuning shop that emerged in the 1980s is now offering Jimny owners the chance to make their diddy off-roaders look like ickle G-Classes and itty-bitty Defenders.

The G-Class is called the ‘little G’, transforming the face into something that resembles Merc’s fabled off-roader.

We always joked about the Jimny being a baby G-Class. Now they’ve gone and done it. Look, side-exit exhaust pipes!

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Fancy a small Defender? You’ll want the, ahem, ‘little D’. Here, the headlight surrounds mimic Land Rover’s venerable 4x4 offering, among other things. Have a glance at the pair of them in the gallery above.

So, which is it for you: a little G, little D, or standard? If it’s the latter, read our full review of the new Jimny here.

STORY Vijay Pattni

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