Tweaked BMW i3 gets all of the range

By topgear, 01 October 2018

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Bigger battery means almost 320km of range for the little i hatch

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EV tech has moved on a great deal since 2013, when BMW introduced its rather excellent i3. Back then, the 22.6kWh, 60Ah battery meant it could only do around 128km on a charge. Maybe 160, if you switched the air-con off and at no point exceeded 65km/h.

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Good enough by the standards of the day, but not really acceptable in 2018. Today’s Nissan Leaf has a 40kWh battery and a 270km range, remember.

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Good news, then, that BMW has just given the i3 a bit of an update. Besides new optional equipment and interior/exterior colour schemes, it’s fitted a brand-new lithium-ion battery with more than double the usable energy capacity of the original, but the same physucal dimensions.

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That means 308km of range from 42.2kWh, or 120Ah in the standard i3, and 285km for the quicker i3S – a massive increase over the 2013 originals, and a 30 per cent increase over the 33kW, 94Ah models introduced just last year.

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Performance is more or less the same as last year’s cars, with the 170bhp car taking 7.3secs  to reach 100km/h, and the 184bhp i3S a spritely 6.9secs. A high-voltage, 50kW DC public charging station gives 80 per cent charge in 42 minutes. A 7kW wallbox will do the same in five hours, and a three-pin plug takes 15 hours.

We’re still fans. Are you?

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