You can buy a Lambo Aventador SV speed boat

By topgear, 27 June 2017

We feature many a classified ad on They’re nigh on always classic racers or cool old supercars that are worthy of all your money. Today, we bring you something different.

It’s an all-new solution to the two-car garage. First, you get a Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster. It’s painted lurid highlighter green, has ginormous SV graphics, custom centre-lock wheels and a massive exhaust. Not to mention the 750hp and 350km/h it comes with as standard.

Yet it’s the most sensible, everyday half of this dream garage. For the other half is a speedboat. One that’s been made to match the Aventador every inch of the way.

So it’s painted the same colour (Verde Singh, to be precise). It has lashings of carbonfibre. It has 1,350hp (or 1,550hp if you use race fuel). Its top speed is “in excess of 290km/h”. On water! It’s a whole lot faster than Aston Martin’s boat.

It’s also a one-off, built specifically to resemble its garage-mate. Inside, there’s an Aventador steering wheel, while the ad says “all Lamborghini switches have been marinised”. Which does sound a bit like they’ve been cooked.

There’s also a stereo and underwater LEDs, which are presumably very good for attracting any sea life that likes to snack on plankton. Handy for a bit of night-time fishing…

But just look at the thing. Is there any harbour in the world where an SV boat wouldn’t stand out?

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